Best Teachers Gift Ideas And Words Poem To Write As Wishes

Best Teachers Gift Ideas And Words Poem To Write As Wishes

Here I started With A Beautiful Poem Dedicated To Your Lovely Teachers.

“I chose this special present because I wanted you to know,

That I’m grateful for your hard work in helping me to grow.

For your constant understanding and for always being there,

To tell me I can do it and to show me that you care!”



Paint their minds

And Guide Their Thoughts

Share their achievements

And Advise Their Faults”


Best Teacher’s Gift Ideas

“When God created teachers,

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow

So we can all decide

How to live and how to do”


Inspiring Teachers Day Quotes Said By  Kevin William Huff

“Inspire a Love

Of Knowledge And Truth

As you light the path

Which leads our youth

For our future brightens

With each Lesson You Teach

each smile you lengthen

each goal you help reach

For the dawn of each poet

each Philosopher And King

Begins with a Teacher

And the wisdom they bring”

Kevin William Huff

“When God created teachers,

He gave us special friends

To help us understand His world

And truly comprehend

The beauty and the wonder

Of everything we see,

And become a better person

With each discovery.

Why God created teachers,

In His wisdom and His grace,

Was to help us learn to make our world

A better, wiser place”

Kevin William Huff

Teacher Appreciation Poems

Our Children all Need Great Teachers Like You

“You once had a choice
And you chose to teach
And every day
It’s our children you reach

You make the difference
In the life of each child
Those that are quiet
And those that are wild

It’s the way that you teach
You do it so well
They look up to you
And think you are swell

You teach from your heart
That’s plain to see
They think you’re divine
And we all agree

Please never forget
And remember it’s true
Our children all need
Great teachers like you

We appreciate you
And we value your time
And if you should forget
Please re-read this rhyme”


Thank You for Teaching Me How to Believe 

“Forever I’ll keep your memory
Stored within my heart
Forever I’ll remember
Just how you played a part

You played a part by teaching me
To think bigger and think higher
I never will forget you
As for greatness I’ll aspire

You played a part by telling me
My dreams will all come true
For teaching me how to believe
Teacher I’m thanking you”


Teacher, You’re Still My Inspiration 

“You’ve been my inspiration
From the time when I was young
And many times throughout the years
Your praises I have sung

You are the greatest teacher
That I have ever known
The lessons that you taught me
Have flourished and have grown

You’re still my inspiration
So I’m sending this to you
With all my love and gratitude
For teaching as you do”


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